“The next best thing to learning Jedi mind skills!”

These workshops will introduce your group, team or audience to powerful new ideas and concepts, combining cutting-edge theory with practical ways to unlock the power of the human mind.

Each 3-hour workshop is available in-house at your venue and delivered by me personally.

Booking as an individual? These workshops are also available on a 1-2-1 basis, subject to arrangement.

conversational hypnosis

Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis

Discover and learn the powerful skill of conversational or ‘covert’ hypnosis. This is the ability to use language and specific techniques to alter a listener’s perceptions at the deeper, subconscious level.

  • Make people feel relaxed and at ease in your company
  • Become a powerful and persuasive leader
  • Influence people and overcome resistance to your ideas
mind hacking

Introduction to Mind Hacking

The mind could be described as the software to the body’s computer, so discover how to ‘hack’ and re-programme its ‘code’ and benefit from a range of positive changes.

  • Stop bad habits and learn positive new ones
  • Promote positive and supportive thought patterns
  • Improve ‘mind fitness’ and wellbeing
mastering the mind

Introduction to Mastering the Mind

We all possess the most complex and powerful supercomputer imaginable in the form of the brain and human mind. However, with no user manual provided, mastery of the mind requires a focused determination.

  • Control your conscious thoughts and impulses
  • Programme your subconscious mind positively
  • Remove limiting beliefs
subconscious success

Introduction to Subconscious Success

Where your subconscious mind is programmed to go is generally where you end up in life, so learn how to program your mind for the destination of success and prosperity.

  • Explore the subconscious as the core driver of behaviour
  • Develop your ‘success mindset’
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns
power of perception

Introduction to Power of Perception

Understanding perception is the key to controlling your experiences in life and how you react emotionally to them, allowing you to better understand the viewpoint of others.

  • How perception shapes our experience
  • Framing and re-framing events
  • Analysing and re-shaping core beliefs
how to read people

Introduction to How to Read People

Learn how to study and analyse the behaviours and reactions of others, allowing you to better understand their motivations and mindset. This is a truly powerful skill to develop.

  • De-code non-verbal communication
  • Read people to build better rapport
  • Predict behaviours and reactions
practical mindfulness

Introduction to Practical Mindfulness

Based on my best-selling book 7-Day Mindfulness, this workshop provides a complete practical method to learn and benefit from the practice of mindfulness.

  • Explore the attitudes and mindset for effective practice
  • Learn dedicated mindfulness meditation
  • Benefit from practicing ‘everyday mindfulness’
mind control secrets

Introduction to Mind Control Secrets

Explore the secret techniques of ‘Dark Psychology’ and its applications for those looking to control the minds of individuals or groups.

  • Understand and protect against mind control
  • Use of NLP, hypnosis and other techniques
  • Become a powerful influencer in your field
thinking differently

Introduction to Thinking Differently

Discover how to unlock your creative potential by using techniques that apply the conscious mind, as well as those which utilise the limitless power of the subconscious mind.

  • Understanding the role of the subconscious in creativity
  • Learn techniques to promote creative thinking
  • Stimulate innovation and idea generation
life balance

Introduction to Life Balance

Discover how to analyse the different aspects of your life and take steps to bring them further into balance. The approach shown can be used again in the future to assess progress.

  • Analyse the key areas of your life and work
  • Improve your relationships
  • Set better goals and achieve them

I have limited availability for workshops, so please enquire for a potential date at the earliest opportunity. To book or find out more please contact me.