Make Hypnotherapy Part of Your Recipe for Wellbeing

These packages provide a flexible way to build my holistic approach to hypnotherapy into your own personal programme of wellbeing.

I’m a passionate advocate for the benefits of regular hypnosis and self hypnosis. Too often, people only use hypnosis as a brief therapy ‘fix’ for a problem, without recognising it has far more potential as an ongoing way to maintain and develop a healthy mind. 

Utilising my Mindset.Plus+ method, these 1-hour sessions are designed to bridge the gap between therapy and coaching, As well as tailored hypnotic suggestions to make changes to and fine-tune your mindset, they are a chance to talk things through and receive feedback from an independent perspective.

Sessions can be attended in person at my London W1 practice or conducted via Skype. You can also ‘mix and match’, choosing to have all of some sessions in person or via Skype.


“I always feel a million dollars after our sessions!”

“I’m brighter and clearer after hypnosis – like the mental ‘noise’ in my head has been turned down.”

“Hypnosis is definitely my ‘secret weapon’ for better performance.”

” I often float back down the street after our sessions. The positive effects are still really noticeable in the days that follow.”

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, but here are just some of the reasons why people have chosen these sessions:

  • A valuable ‘time out’ to focus on the ‘internal world’ of the subconscious mind
  • An opportunity to reframe events and re-appraise current thinking strategies
  • A subconscious clear-out or emotional re-set / reboot
  • Unique physical and/or mental relaxation experienced in hypnosis  
  • Tailored programming of the subconscious mind for positive outcomes
  • A way to sustain progress from other therapeutic work


Unlike my other hypnotherapy and coaching programmes, these sessions are not focused on a specific goal or problem. Instead they are all about mind maintenance and fine-tuning the optimal mindset for happiness and success.

In this way, hypnosis can be viewed rather like a ‘massage for the mind’. Just like you don’t have to have an injury to enjoy or benefit from a massage, you don’t have to have a specific ‘problem’ to benefit from hypnotherapy. In fact, some of my most happy and successful clients make time regularly in their schedule for investing in both their body and mind.

If you wish to work on a specific goal (e.g. a promotion in your career) or specific problem (e.g. you want to be a more confident public speaker) then my dedicated coaching and hypnotherapy programmes will be more suitable.


These Wellbeing Packages are completely flexible. You can choose the format (in-person or via Skype) as you wish and attend them over any timeframe.

Though guidance, tools and techniques will be provided, unlike my coaching or hypnotherapy programmes, there is no mandatory ‘homework’, so you will never feel any pressure to bring anything other than yourself and a positive attitude to the session.

This avoids any sense of dread that can sadly develop from some ongoing therapeutic programmes when a person feels they have ‘fallen behind’. In contrast, your wellbeing sessions are ALWAYS something to look forward to, a positive feature in your diary, or even reward!


Once you have paid for your package of wellbeing sessions, it is entirely up to you when and how you use them, whether for in-person sessions or via Skype. The only requirement is a minimum gap of 7 days between sessions.

Some clients use them once a month as part of their routine for mind fitness and wellbeing, others once a fortnight or spread across the year during particularly stressful or challenging periods.

If you have any specific dates already in mind for your sessions, please contact me to check availability. You can order your chosen package, with discounts for the number of sessions pre-paid, using this payment button.

Wellbeing Session Packages