The Essential Guide To Combating Relationship Woes

If you are struggling with your relationship during lockdown, you are not alone.

Being thrust into one another’s company twenty four hours a day because of the enduring lockdowns may seem like bliss in theory. To be with your soul mate day in, day out may seem like a dream. But, in reality, we can become irritated, feel smothered, and yearn for some alone time.

This is normal and doesn’t mean that you love your partner any less than you did pre-Covid days. You need to find a balance. Enduring relationship woes is no good for you or your partner. It’s time to make an effort to rebalance your relationship.

Find Space

Living together and working eight hours a day away from home can give you the space you need as a couple.

Your partner may play soccer once a week and catch up with pals every Friday evening. You may head out with the girls once a week and also enjoy a spot of gardening on your own now and then.

Now that we are encouraged to maintain our distance and limit socializing, we are losing that part of our identity. Being the girlfriend, partner, or wife all the time can make us feel isolated, even though we are always with our partner. This can lead to arguments.

To improve your relationship and get that spark back, start to schedule some alone time in. It doesn’t matter what you do whether you read a book, go for a walk, enjoy your gardening, or start learning an instrument, doing something just for you can make the time with your partner so much more special.


If you entered into these coronavirus days with some niggles in your relationship, the stress of trying to adjust to a new normal will have done little to help.

For those couples needing specialist intervention, consider the expert sex addiction counselling services available to help individuals with underlying traumas.

Or if couples counselling sounds more suitable you can talk through your issues with a therapist online. Hypnotism can also help those couples who are struggling with anxiety or depression.

Find Your Spark

If you are used to going on a date night each week only to find that this has been pulled from under your feet, you will need to think outside the box.

Think about heading out to get some gourmet food and rustle up a three course gastronomic feast for your nearest and dearest. A thoughtful candlelit dinner is on a par with any meal out. Cinema nights can now be replaced by Netflix and if you want to catch up with pals, a virtual Zoom call, disco, or quiz night can suffice. You don’t have to be cooped up indoors aching to do something new when you can create your own entertainment.

Forget about allowing your relationship to deteriorate while the global pandemic takes hold and you struggle to adjust to a new normal. Follow this guide and you can banish your relationship woes for good.