Tarot Coaching

Tarot Coaching - 1-2-1 Sessions

Tarot coaching?! Woah!
How does that fit in with clinical hypnotherapy?

You might be wondering if you are on the right website right now, but don’t worry, you are. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to progress your personal development then stick with it, I promise it’s worthwhile.

What is Tarot Coaching?

Have you been feeling frustrated with your progress, whether in relationships, business or work, or just life in general?

Have you been trying other therapeutic or coaching methods, but want something additional to complement this?

Are you open minded to the benefits of more alternative methods?

Tarot coaching is a blend of my 15 years hypnotherapy and coaching experience with the esoteric art of tarot. This makes for a truly magical coaching experience. I don’t use magic in the card tricks or stage illusion meaning, but in terms of the transformational and informative quality of tarot as a tool for personal development.

What exactly do I mean by this? Well, many describe tarot as being like a mirror to the subconscious mind; but better yet it can also be seen as a spotlight, shining into and revealing aspects of who we are. It allows us to reflect upon our current circumstances with a fresh perspective.

It is in this process of illuminating and reflecting that we can use tarot as a powerful tool for empowerment. Helping us to make decisions about our direction in life, whether that is through necessary change or confirming that we are already on the right path.

Tarot Coaching with Rory M-J

As with everything I do, you can expect my usual straight talking, humorous and light-hearted approach when you take a tarot coaching session. Don’t expect me to don a head scarf and kaftan any time soon (although I think I’d probably rock that look!).

If you appreciate my no-nonsense approach, and find unnecessarily complex language and pretentious woo off-putting, then working with me will be a refreshing way to explore the tarot.

How to Book

I tailor my tarot coaching services to each individual client I work with. The first step is to contact me with an idea of your goals and what you are looking for, then we can go from there.

To find out more please visit my dedicated tarot website at:


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