What Do You Want To Learn?

If you want to add exciting new tools to your soft skills and personal development repertoire then I will teach you methods and techniques to get real results.

In contrast to my coaching and hypnotherapy, which focus more on mindset and existing behaviours, these sessions are all about learning new practical skills for your personal success, achievement and growth.

They all benefit from my expertise in advanced communication, suggestion and persuasion, conversational hypnosis and the subconscious mind. They can have both a personal and business applications as required.

Social skills – Develop confidence, charm, conversational skills and build rapport

Assertiveness – Comfortably say no and stop getting ‘pushed around’ in life

Dealing with toxic / difficult people – Stop making their problems YOUR problem

Time management – Boost productivity and get more done

Networking – Online and offline relationship building

Sales / closing deals – Sell to the subconscious mind and win more business

Pitching / presentations – Deliver ideas clearly and persuasively

Leadership – Lead and inspire with confidence and authority

Mentoring – Be a better mentor Creative Thinking – Unlock the creativity of your subconscious mind

Intuition – Develop the ability to listen to your instincts and the ‘tutor within’

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