Repetition and the Illusion of Truth

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Repetition is a powerful communication tool. One of the easiest ways to influence the human mind is, in fact, repetition. And, yes, I am using repetition now.

If we receive a message often enough, it starts to embed itself at the deeper level and forms as a belief in the subconscious mind.

Since our minds tend towards ‘cognitive fluency’ or smooth, easy thinking, it is easiest to accept the repeated message as truth, even though you have no empirical evidence yourself or have not challenged the authority of the message’s sources.

The Bad News

  • Many of the truths that we believe and live by can be little more than the brainwashing effects of repetition.
  • Individuals and organisations can use this to influence us in ways that are to our personal detriment.
  • Negative repetition in your own language and self-talk can crystallise into limiting beliefs that become the ‘facts’ or truths of your own experience.

The Good News

  • Once you know the power of repetition, you can look out for it being used, whether in personal communication, marketing, propaganda or even a sales pitch. Just because a person is using this powerful communication tool does not mean that their message may not be true for you, it just means that you will be better able to judge its validity when you remain critical.
  • You can learn more about the power of repetition in communication and use it personally or professionally. I cover this topic in both my 1-2-1 training sessions and workshops. As with all techniques of psychological influence, use them to improve your life only if it does not cause another person harm.
  • Use the power of repetition to reshape your own mind positively. For example, using affirmations to install positive beliefs in the mind or hypnosis and/or tailored hypnotic audios to program-in positive, supportive messages at the subconscious level. 
Rory M-J

Rory M-J

Artist of the Mind & Suggestion | Straight-Talking, 360° Approach to Personal Development | 17+ Years’ Experience | Aspiring Polymath & Cat Whisperer

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