Organic Pain Management

With every bump, scrape, or pull, we are told to go to the pharmacy by our house and grab some pills or aspirins that will take the pain away.

What most of us don’t know is that these methods don’t treat the source of the pain as much as they treat pain symptoms. Not every ailment needs to be cured by pharmaceuticals, and there are alternatives. These alternatives are found in nature or take a more organic approach to pain relief.

Here are a few natural tricks to getting to the source of your pain and alleviating it. 


Turmeric is a delicious spice that can be put on food, or it can be made into a tea. The healing power of turmeric is that it is an anti-inflammatory that will help alleviate the pains from internal inflammation.

Whether you are having some joint pain or if you are generally feeling inflamed in your muscles or organs, turmeric ingested in any of its forms will help you reduce that inflammation and feel comfortable. A lot of inflammation is caused by arthritis or bad dietary choices. Once you are less inflamed, you can start new health habits. 

Essential Oils

A lot of natural oils found in the world can help reduce pain when applied to the skin or when inhaled.

Oils like lavender will help reduce your anxiety when you inhale the smells from the oil. Rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint also have healing qualities that help reduce stress and pain. Once calmed down, you can then get to the source of your anxiety and try to manage it. 

Other oils come in a capsule form that you can take in order to feel the benefits internally. Soft gel CBD capsules can help reduce pain and discomfort by treating you from the inside with a natural relaxant that will help you remain calm and help you manage some pain.


Acupuncture is a method of pain relief that has been around for centuries from the eastern world.

An acupuncturist takes small needles and puts them into the areas of your body that you feel need some work, and the small needles will relieve tension, pain, and anxiety.

A proven method for pain management that is not too invasive, while on the acupuncture table, you can also get a moment to rest and fully relax as the needles do their work. 

Listen to Your Body

The ultimate way to manage pain is to be proactive and not reactive. Listen to your body.

If you feel you are involved in an activity that is causing you pain, stop. If you can’t move as fast you want because your body is feeling limited, then stay still. Don’t overdo it. Don’t make choices that will hurt you and can cause long term pain and discomfort.

Your body will never lie to you, if anything, it always tells you the truth so change your diet, exercise more, or slow down if that is what your body needs.