My Approach

A concept running through my work is the belief that the potential for positive change is within every individual and organisation, but often needs to be encouraged, nurtured, boosted or refined.

In this way it can be ‘unlocked’, with the starting point usually being changes in mindset (often at the deeper subconscious level), creating a firm foundation upon which further progress can be built.

My approach is particularly powerful for becoming ‘unstuck’ from negative behavioural patterns and re-programming the mind for positive results.


My unique method of Advanced Hypnosis features 4 key elements:

  1. Identity Shift
  2. Roadmap to Success
  3. Subconscious Re-Programming 
  4. Supportive Thinking

I have found this to be the most powerful and effective way to bring about rapid change in my brief therapy work. To learn more about my method click here.


My life and executive coaching programs benefit from my trademark HD Coaching Method. This is my personal approach to mind coaching incorporating a range of deeper-level techniques, such as visualisation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis.


I have a dynamic and straight-talking style that does not suit everyone. If you want coaching, training or brief therapy to simply ‘tick a box’ or to to validate a belief that you ‘can’t change’, then I’m not for you.

I work with individuals and organisations whose focus is on actively MAKING a change, not passively RECEIVING treatment. It’s difficult to be the passenger in the process of change and get real results. There will be work, homework and accountability.

I’ll give you the tools and guidance to drive better, smoother and arrive at better destinations quicker, but you have to accept your role in the driving seat from the outset.



It is also my belief and experience that approaches for making positive changes in mindset and behaviour are most effective when they are:

S – Simple
N – No Fluff (or Filler)
A – Accessible
P – Powerful

I try to ensure that all my activities and contributions in the field of personal development follow this approach. This includes following a bite-sized, nano-learning format for my online courses and writing ‘breakthrough books’ of under 100 pages.

It often only takes a small change or nudge to alter the overall direction of travel, leading to better results!




Worldwide via Skype


Mon-Thu: 06:00 am – 09:00 pm
Subject to arrangement


0203 955 6510

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