I approach helping people to change as a practical art rather than a theoretical science. 

We all have the potential for positive change but sometimes need help to unlock it. From my personal and clinical experience, the key to change is usually found in the stories relating to it – those we tell ourselves and those we are told by others.

I developed The Storyworking Method® as a way of facilitating change work with story and narrative at the heart of the process.

Using this method, a person can be helped to better understand and then shift their stories. This creates a supportive framework upon which other practical tools, techniques and behavioural guidance can be effective.

My approach is particularly powerful for becoming ‘unstuck’ from negative behavioural patterns and re-programming the mind for positive results.


If you want to simply ‘tick a box’ or validate a belief that you ‘can’t change’, then I’m not for you.

I have a straight-talking style that does not suit everyone. I often use humour, particularly surreal humour to bring about shifts in perception. I’m very serious about the work I do, just not always in the way I appear to do it.

Those who benefit most usually have a focus on ACTIVELY making a change, rather than PASSIVELY receiving treatment. It’s difficult to be the passenger in the process of change and get significant results. With my approach, there is always work to do.

Like many things in life – what you ‘get out’ will be directly related to what you ‘put in’.

I’ll give you the tools and guidance to drive better, smoother and arrive at better destinations quicker, but you have to accept your role in the driving seat from the outset.


The concept of the developing a cycle and personal recipe that supports positive change is also key to my methodology. This is a more holistic way of looking of how we change and how we make it sustainable. 



It is also my belief and experience that tools and techniques for personal development are most effective when they are: 

S – Simple

N – No Fluff (or Filler)

A – Accessible

P – Powerful

I try to ensure that everything I do in my work follows this rule. This includes using a bite-sized, nano-learning format for my online courses and only writing ‘breakthrough books’ of under 100 pages.

It often only takes a small change or nudge to alter the overall direction of travel, leading to better results!