“Innovative insight… thought-provoking topics”

Introduce your team, group or audience to powerful new ideas and concepts via these intensive mind training workshops.

Informed by my work as a hypnotist and mindset specialist, they combine cutting-edge theory with practical ways to unlock the power of the human mind.

Each 3-hour workshop is available in-house at your venue and is also delivered by me personally.


The Play Paradigm

Based on my book of the same name, this workshop explores the power of play, on an individual and organisational level. Furthermore, learn how it can positively impact life, work, relationships and overall levels of success and happiness.

  • Identify the powerful play state
  • Explore ways to expand play in your life and work
  • Create the space and support in your life to live more playfully​

Covert Hypnosis & Suggestion

Discover and learn the powerful skill of conversational or ‘covert’ hypnosis. This is the ability to use language and specific techniques to alter a listener’s perceptions at the deeper, subconscious level.

  • Make people feel relaxed and at ease in your company
  • Become a powerful and persuasive leader
  • Influence people and overcome resistance to your ideas​

Changing Minds With Metaphor

Explore the incredible power of metaphor and storytelling for changing minds and influencing thinking. You will discover one of the most effective ways of communicating ideas and concepts.

  • Understanding our individual metaphors
  • Communication strategies using metaphor
  • Persuading and informing through metaphor​

Positive Thinking & Perception

​Understanding perception is the key to controlling your experiences in life and how you react emotionally to them, allowing you to build a positive growth mindset.

  • How perception shapes our experience
  • Framing and re-framing events
  • Analysing and re-shaping core beliefs​

Developing Your Intuition

Intuition is a highly-praised but also often misunderstood ability in both life and business. This workshop explores how to develop it and apply it successfully.

  • Understanding intuition and ‘gut instinct’
  • Using intuition to improve judgement and decision-making
  • How to develop your intuition for different applications​