A Quick Way to Improve Your Decision Making

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“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure!” 🙂

It can often be difficult to make a decision and much time, even many opportunities, can be lost in an overlong decision-making process.

However, a simple technique that I use in my coaching can help you make the right decision, fast!

Put simply, when faced with two options, take a coin, assign an option to heads and tails respectively and then flip it in the air.

Once it lands, look at the result and, before thinking at all, note your initial, gut reaction. If you are happy or even elated then that reveals that it was the result you REALLY wanted. If you feel sad or disappointed then it was the other option which appealed on a deeper level.

You Do Know the Answer

This deeper level refers to your subconscious mind, which contains the thoughts, beliefs and knowledge that exist in your mind below the level of conscious awareness.

So, it follows that you whilst you are consciously struggling to make a decision, your subconscious DOES know the answer.

It is the simple act of flipping the coin that REVEALS your subconscious decision, the one informed by the most powerful part of your mind.

So, don’t waste time overthinking the options, cut to the chase, flip a coin and reveal your true subconscious decision!  

Rory M-J

Rory M-J

Artist of the Mind & Suggestion | Straight-Talking, 360° Approach to Personal Development | 17+ Years’ Experience | Aspiring Polymath & Cat Whisperer

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