Custom Hypnosis Audio

A Powerful Tool for Personal Development

I have always refer to the use of custom hypnosis recordings in my work as the ‘secret ingredient’ to my approach’s effectiveness.

Use of Hypnotic Audio Generally

There is a long established practice of using hypnotic or ‘self hypnosis’ audios to make and support positive changes in mindset and behaviours
They can be highly beneficial and effective even when the suggestions are fairly generic and there is no specific guidance on the the more conscious challenges in making the change.

Plus, especially for people who have never experienced inducing the hypnotic state deliberately before, there are great benefits to mind and body just from entering this state on a regular basis.

How Hypnotic Audios Work

A good hypnotic audio will guide you into a state of consciousness where transformational change at the subconscious level becomes easier to effect.

Then positive suggestions regarding the desired change and thinking will be made – some direct, some indirect, often with use of metaphor, storytelling and mental rehearsal.

Our thoughts and suggestions from others can become repeated to the point they form beliefs. Whilst you can be consciously aware of a belief, it fundamentally operates at an subconscious level, always looking to validate itself through your behaviours and outcomes.

The repeated use of the custom hypnosis recording is then the key. This forms the constant positive ‘brainwashing’ to overwrite the negative programming that previously contributed to the previous problem.

Custom Hypnosis Recording – ‘The Gold Standard’

I have found using a tailored hypnotic audio to be the most effective way to make and support positive changes in mindset and behaviours.

It is logical, and proven from my clinical experience, that if generic audios get good results then tailored ones will usually achieve GREAT results.

All the effective elements of audios generally are amplified, if not factored exponentially, when the suggestions and mental rehearsals are designed specifically for the individual client.

The Benefits of Custom Hypnosis Recording

Customised suggestions – Using YOUR language and metaphors, to really target the change in mindset, identity and belief.

Specific mental rehearsal – ‘Act out’ overcoming challenges and achieving goals in the hypnotic state, so you begin to validate new positive beliefs in the ‘real world’.

Convenient and versatile – Most people use the sleep version of my audios, just before bed, and drift off to it. However, you have the choice to also use the wake up version as a motivational tool or dedicated session.

Variety of suggestions – As an experienced hypnotist, I’m able to include many different type of suggestion (supraliminal, subliminal, embedded commands, etc.)

Alpha State frequencies – I use special sounds on my audios to promote the Alpha State (when brain wave activity slows down to between 7-14 HZ). This adds to an immersive experience which is best enjoyed with noise-cancelling headphones.

If you wish to order a customer hypnosis recording you can do so by visiting my dedicated mini-site here:

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