Tired of the same old cookie-cutter approaches to consultancy?


Okay, I’m probably not the world’s first ‘consulting hypnotist’. However, for the organisations I’ve worked with, it’s usually the first time they had considered bringing on board a hypnotist to help achieve their goals.

I have specialist expertise in human communication and the drivers of behaviour at both the conscious and subconscious level. I’m therefore perfectly placed to help you to better understand the role of the mind in the key activities, relationships and outcomes of your organisation.

However, this is not just a gimmick of being the ‘hypnosis guy’. In addition, I have over 15 years’ business experience and I’m also a qualified Management Consultant.

Types of projects I have completed in the past include:

Providing a fresh, alternative perspective on corporate strategy / key decision-making

UX reviews from a subconscious perspective

Applying nudge theory to influence behaviours

C-Suite level recruitment (providing feedback on interview performance)

Advising on workplace wellness programs (including application of the approach from my book The Play Paradigm)

Analysis of communication strategy in terms of storytelling, use of metaphor and subconscious impact

Facilitating and managing change

Organisations I have helped range from FinTech to not-for-profit fundraising companies, from private banks to media channels.

My ability to read people, understand their behaviours and, more importantly, how to influence changes in them, makes my consultancy service a unique and highly valuable addition to the organisations I work with. I have particular expertise in applying my skill set to public relations and marketing.

How to Hire Me