If you want to explore whether coaching, or indeed my style of coaching is right for you, then a popular option is my 1.5-hour Discovery Session.

This session provides a fresh perspective and ‘stock check’ of where you currently are and the possible roadmap required for where you want to be. It also allows me to introduce and discuss the practical application of the deeper-level techniques that are the trademark of my coaching method, including:

  • Affirmations
  • Mindfulness practice 
  • Hypnosis / Self-hypnosis
  • Visualisation
  • Cognitive techniques
  • Journaling 

As well as gaining clarity and insight on your goals, after the session you can decide if you want to pursue a further coaching programme with me.

Booking Details

The Discovery Session is delivered via Skype. You will be asked to complete Client Questionnaire prior to the session and return to me via email.

To check the next availability for a Discovery Session please contact me. Once a date/time is agreed, you can pay via the payment button on this page.

Coaching Discovery Session

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