3 Ways To Stay Calm Amidst The Chaos

Keep calm and carry on!  Readers of George Orwell’s Animal Farm may be familiar with that saying or indeed anybody who has seen those words written on a placard in somebody else’s home.  But how do you carry on when there is chaos all around you? It might be during busy spells at work or … Read more

The Need and Art for Self-Rewarding

The thing is, it’s so easy to get caught up in life and lose what makes you happy. When you are always looking for the next best thing, you forget how amazing it feels to be satisfied with what you have now. That is why rewarding yourself should be more than just a once-a-year occurrence; it … Read more

How To Take Back Control After A Burnout

Experiencing a burnout can have a serious impact on both your physical and mental health, so it’s important that you make an effort to get back on your feet before the negativity takes over once more. Thankfully, figuring out how to back control doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect, as there … Read more

A Few Good Reasons to Have a Creative Pastime

On an everyday basis, there are likely to be all sorts of different tasks, errands, chores, and practical considerations that you are preoccupied by, and that don’t seem to allow a lot of room for things like more relaxed, personal hobbies. On the one hand, these practical tasks are in many cases more manageable today … Read more

Inner Engineering: What Is It? And How Does It Help You?

Why do people practice mindfulness? Usually, it’s because there is something they don’t like about about how they are living or feeling. They need a practice of some sort to become centered again and take away the pain.  The same goes for meditation. Rarely do you see children full of life practicing it. Instead, it’s … Read more

7 Ways To Add Value To Yourself Before The Year Ends

It is a widely accepted myth that placing yourself above other people’s interests is considered selfish and unkind. However, embracing yourself is an excellent way of practising self-love. Ideally, by setting your interests first, you end up making good decisions for yourself. Once you start adding value to yourself, you will see tremendous improvements in … Read more

An Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more aware of the stream of thoughts and feelings we are experiencing. In recent years, mental health charities have conducted surveys that indicate over 70% of the population has suffered from stress levels that are so overwhelming they have harmed their lives. At first, it may seem counterproductive for … Read more

The Impact Of Indoor Air On Your Mental Health

Indoor air quality has been quoted as one of the most harmful silent killers. According to the WHO, polluted air is responsible for 7 million deaths every year. Countless studies connect air pollution with neurovascular, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases. The indoor air you breathe could contain up to 5 times more pollutants than the outdoor. … Read more

How To Cope With Anxiety Caused by an Ill Loved One

Over the past year, more of us than ever have faced illness in our loved ones. Whenever we have ill loved ones, anxiety is a natural response. Our minds fill with questions: are they going to be okay? What will I do if they aren’t okay?  When, in a global pandemic, this threat of illness … Read more