A Quick Way to Improve Your Decision Making

“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure!” 🙂 It can often be difficult to make a decision and much time, even many opportunities, can be lost in an overlong decision-making process. However, a simple technique that I use in my provocative coaching can help you make the right decision, fast! Put simply, […]

Freedom of Mind – Mind Control & the Power of Suggestion

Do you see yourself as a ‘free thinker’? Would you know if you were being ‘brainwashed? Do you really know your own mind? I believe freedom of mind to be the core freedom that underpins nearly every other type – the ability to truly think for yourself. This means being aware of your conscious decisions but […]

What Is a Double Bind Question?

A double bind is a type of question which results in the same answer regardless of which way it is answered. It is a communication technique often used for persuasion (e.g. in the context of business sales) as well as suggestion (e.g. when being used by a hypnotherapist to help ‘change’ a client’s mind). It can also be used coercively to negatively […]

The Curious Magic of Handwriting and The Mind

With the use of technology in the modern world, longhand handwriting is decreasing in daily usage for many people.  However, with this trend, we risk losing a number of powerful benefits that come from applying handwriting to certain tasks. My Personal Perspective I’m writing this article as someone who works with the human mind and has first-hand clinical experience of the […]

How To Stop All or Nothing Thinking

‘All or nothing’ thinking is a thought process that often accompanies a range of issues that I help clients with in my clinical hypnotherapy practice, from anxiety to low self-esteem. Similarly, in my online life coach work, this type of ‘unhealthy’ cognitive process can act as a barrier to a client making positive changes in their life or […]

How to Mind Hack ‘Tip of the Tongue’ Memory Moments

It’s annoying when you can’t remember something, when it’s on the ‘tip of your tongue’, but you just can’t seem to recall it. Memory is complex and if you’re struggling to remember something it is often because the information is tucked away in your subconscious mind, below the level of conscious awareness. Activating the memory […]

Repetition and the Illusion of Truth

Repetition is a powerful communication tool. One of the easiest ways to influence the human mind is, in fact, repetition. And, yes, I am using repetition now. If we receive a message often enough, it starts to embed itself at the deeper level and forms as a belief in the subconscious mind. Since our minds […]