‘The One With The Hypnosis Tape’

Every generation seems to have its own pop cultural reference points for talking about hypnosis. But what of the sub-niche of self hypnosis audio? In the Noughties, hypnosis was largely associated with Little Britain’s Kenny Craig (‘Look into the eyes, not around the eyes‘, etc.) But before this, self hypnosis audio had mainstream exposure in […]

Skype Hypnosis – Does It Really Work?

Well, it firstly depends on how we define ‘Skype hypnosis’. Just as Google has become synonymous with web search, when we talk about voice and/or video calling over the Internet, we often say ‘to Skype’ even when we may actually be using FaceTime, Zoom or other platform. For the sake of ease in this post, […]

The Power of Provocative Coaching

When I get a massage (which I do regularly as part of my personal recipe for wellbeing), I am usually asked how strong I want the massage – light, medium or hard.  Sometimes, my neck or back is so stiff I need hard – I need to push through any temporary pain and discomfort, be […]

Why I’m Passionate About Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is hard enough to explain to people sometimes, but add in the word ‘online’ and you will usually be guaranteed some puzzled looks. “How do you hypnotise someone over Skype?”, I’m often asked. My reply of “Oh, I don’t” doesn’t seem to help things along either! But online hypnotherapy is something that I have grown […]

Life Lessons From My Hypnosis Work With Professional Boxers

As someone who has practiced a number of martial arts ‘off and on’ since childhood, I’ve always returned to boxing. There have been boxers in my family and being of Irish-Scots descent I think it’s a little bit hard-wired into our DNA as well. As well as the skill and sporting achievement exhibited in professional […]

The Psychological Effects of Online Negativity

It’s no surprise that to many people ‘social media’ often feels a bit of a misnomer with some of the most anti-social sentiments one can think of being expressed online. When one considers the psychological effects of such online negativity, it is important to acknowledge its impact on both the writer and the reader. “Nice parking you f**king […]

Happiness Is Living to Your Definition of Success

The concept of ‘success’ is much talked about in personal development, but defining the word, like achieving success itself, can prove both complex and elusive. Add ‘happiness’ to the equation and what started out as difficult problem can start to seem almost insoluble. As someone who coaches people in developing the ‘success mindset’, I believe […]

4 Red Flags in Thinking That Sabotage Positive Change

As a ‘brief therapy’ practitioner and coach, helping hundreds of clients each year, I am always interested from a clinical perspective in the small number people who struggle with the process of positive change. In this article I will explore four significant ‘red flags’ to look out for in the way a person thinks – […]

Being Hypnotised – Can Everyone Achieve Hypnosis?

This is a question I get asked a great deal in my clinical work. The short answer is that nearly everyone who WANTS to be hypnotised, can be. Myths About Being Hypnotised Usually people ask me this question because they are worried, due to a myth, preconception or misunderstanding about the nature of hypnosis, that they will be wasting their time or money trying hypnotherapy […]

A Quick Way to Improve Your Decision Making

“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure!” 🙂 It can often be difficult to make a decision and much time, even many opportunities, can be lost in an overlong decision-making process. However, a simple technique that I use in my provocative coaching can help you make the right decision, fast! Put simply, […]