A concept at the heart of my work is the belief that the potential for positive change is within every individual and organisation, but this often needs to be encouraged, nurtured, boosted or refined.

In this way it can be ‘unlocked’, with the starting point usually being changes in mindset (often at the deeper subconscious level), creating the firm foundation upon which further progress and personal development can be built.

As an established London Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have a proven track record in helping individuals and organisations to achieve their goals, using an innovative blend of techniques and methods.

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Results Focused

My approach puts achieving real results for my clients at the centre of the process of positive change.

As an independent practitioner, I am practical and pragmatic in the application of the techniques that I use. For example, though I have a preference for using hypnosis in my ‘brief therapy’ / rapid change work, depth of knowledge of other techniques and approaches allows me to also use these to tailor sessions to each client’s unique requirements.

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This is what I call the ‘art and science’ of changing minds. Knowledge of technique, combined with sensitivity of how and when to apply it for maximum effect, is the ‘secret’ of how I help my clients to succeed.

For Individuals & Organisations

I provide a range of services that includes hypnotherapy sessions, coaching programmes and training workshops. These are available to individuals and organisations who wish to benefit from my unique approach.

Explore the available options on this website or to discuss further please contact me.