About Rory M-J

My Story

Born in 1980, I’m a straight-talking South Londoner of Irish-Scots descent who has been helping people to unlock their potential and ‘change their minds’ for over 18 years. 

My love affair with the power of the human mind (especially the subconscious mind) started before I was into my teens. I absorbed everything I could about the mind, mindset, psychology, hypnosis and consciousness.

Getting Stuck In

As much as I loved theories, I was and still am, much more interested in the practical application of the art of the mind and suggestion. I applied what I learned to improve my life and the lives of those around me (as well as to have some fun!). Above all, I found it enjoyable to help people make positive changes, e.g. to boost confidence, break bad habits, overcome fears, etc.

I also became particularly interested in developing my skills in communication, suggestion and persuasion. Being dyslexic, I found reading and writing difficult, but talking was something I could develop in a way that brought me real benefits in life and work. 

This was the first time I really understood the power of story and metaphor and looked for as many ways as possible to develop and practically apply the concepts based around it.

I then did the whole higher eduction thing – completing my BA (Hons) in History of Art (a subject and skill set that still informs my approach today) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law (which now only really comes in handy when reading legal documents!). 

It’s probably no surprise that my first proper jobs were sales roles, where I could use my communication and soft skills for most reward. My first serious start-up was in property and the same year I also trained one-to-one with a life coach and quickly began seeing my own coaching clients, aged just 23!

This was the start of a change of direction in my career which led me to where I am today.

Going Deeper

Throughout the 2000s, I set up and ran a number of niche training channels, with a focus on soft skills and intensive learning. As with the coaching, I kept finding everything worked so much better when I added in the ‘weird and wonderful stuff’ like hypnosis.

By now, I’d also got the bug for helping people to change their thinking, their behaviours and, in turn, their lives; finding a more therapeutic application was inevitable.

Throughout the next decade, the side project became the main project. I completed formal training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and more importantly racked up thousands of hours of clinical sessions refining my art. I’ve also trained in and learned many other techniques that I have blended into my own approach. If lists of formal qualifications are your thing, you can read mine via my LinkedIn.

The Next Level

For several years, I progressed to setting up and running dedicated hypnotherapy clinics on London’s world-famous Harley Street, as well as developing my own approach to hypnotherapy and coaching, The Storyworking Method®.

I’ve become especially well-known for my stop smoking hypnotherapy work, with one such clinic focused entirely on this niche area, The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic. This is also an issue close to my heart for personal reasons and is now also the only one for which I still provide 1-2-1 sessions for new clients (via Skype/Zoom).

I’m an enthusiastic promoter of the benefits of practical wellbeing, particularly the regular use of hypnotic audios and custom hypnosis recordings

As well as writing the books 7-Day Mindfulness and The Play Paradigm, I’ve also written and delivered thousands of hours of training content, both for my channels and other people’s. 

I am a Certified Qigong Teacher, following a year-long study with Shifu Michael Rinaldini of the Qigong & Daoist Training Center (QDTC). From my own personal experience and also that of many of my clients, I am evangelical about the benefits of qigong and zuowang meditation. I have particular interest in the application of these practices for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

An aspiring polymath, I’m always learning and looking to find exciting, innovative and rewarding ways to apply my approach. These include everything from fitness training and corporate consultancy to more esoteric arts such as the tarot, Celtic shamanism and my training as a druidic bard. 

In 2020, I launched the first of my flagship The Hypnotist’s Guide online courses. These, together with my writing and other online teaching, are now the core focus of my work in the fields of personal development, wellbeing and positive change.

In early 2021, I had a bad case of Covid-19 and have since been dealing with the effects of ‘Long Covid’. Whilst generally being a total pain in the a**, it has allowed me to get a powerful new perspective on life, work and wellbeing (If life gives you lemons… etc). 

As well as fresh insights into time and energy management, I’m now even more passionate about the importance of play, having been reminded that this really is NOT a rehearsal. Overall, the whole experience has coincided with my approach becoming even more holistic in nature, further influenced by my energy work and personal beliefs and practices as a druid and qigong teacher. 

I’ve never been shy about about wanting to receive remuneration for what I do and I encourage others to put more value on their work and creative output. It’s a bit of a modern obsession that our job title defines a large part of our identity, but I prefer to explain what I do rather than what I am called.

I help people to make positive changes, usually starting with changes in their stories, thinking and behaviours. It’s unlocking these changes and combining them holistically that brings new results.

Outside of the ‘work stuff’, I have many interests and pursuits, but especially enjoy cat care, creativity, art history, old movies and new experiences.