7 Ways To Add Value To Yourself Before The Year Ends

It is a widely accepted myth that placing yourself above other people’s interests is considered selfish and unkind.

However, embracing yourself is an excellent way of practising self-love. Ideally, by setting your interests first, you end up making good decisions for yourself.

Once you start adding value to yourself, you will see tremendous improvements in your personality and wellbeing- and that of your loved ones.

Are you looking to add value to yourself this year? Here are seven practical ways of doing so. 

  1. Stop comparing yourself

For a happier life of added value, you need to stop comparing yourself to others. Most often than not, you may find yourself comparing yourself to your loved ones, people around you, or even social media and TV personalities. However, comparing yourself to others is a futile vicious cycle.

Everyone is unique. Imagine a fish contesting a toad in a hopping contest. It is unfair for a fish to desire to hop like a toad. Likewise, you may not compete with your friends and family when you are all unique individuals. Instead of comparing, you should learn from these people and admire them while staying true to yourself.

  1. Start an online course

Knowledge is power. Therefore, you should consider starting an online course in your chosen field of interest to add value to yourself. Online courses are readily available over numerous platforms and by reputable educational institutions. Taking these courses allows you to add more knowledge or gain entirely new information.

If you are looking to make a great impression at work, then taking an online course gives that opportunity- you may even get that promotion you’ve been eyeing!

Fortunately, online courses offer flexibility. Some courses may be free, and where a fee is charged, it is usually reasonably priced. However, you can rely on quick guarantor loans from solutions such as Buddy Loans to help you finance your e-learning.

  1. Be authentic

If you find yourself in a large group of players in your organisation or family, everyone would expect you to be the best version of yourself. No one will want to associate with you if you are not genuinely who you portray yourself to be. You can brand yourself to stand out.

You may want to take inspiration from other people, like a celebrity football star. However, you do not have to copy blindly. Adopt aspects of their lifestyles, their life principles, and beliefs that align with your personality.

The ideal thing to do is redefine yourself with their qualities to make you unique and authentic. Do a bit of soul searching or ask a friend you trust to help you identify which attributes make you stand out. Once these unique traits are identified, you can start investing in that aspect of yourself.

  1. Set healthy boundaries

Adding value to yourself centres on personal freedom and self-actualisation, and you can do this by setting boundaries. These boundaries will determine how people treat and what you entertain. It also defines who you are and how you want to be seen.

Setting limits also reflect your core values and beliefs as a person. You need to ensure your boundaries are clearly defined and easy to understand.

As you set your boundaries, be sure to live by them and stand firm if someone tries to push you to your limits. If you have to, you can distance yourself from people or activities that make you look down on yourself. You can make it a point to align yourself with people who share similar beliefs as you. Your choice of friends needs to make you feel great about yourself.  

  1. Don’t settle for anything less

It is normal to want to stay in a job or career because the salary is rewarding. Some people are stuck in relationships that don’t feel right about it. If you have settled in a relationship or career that doesn’t give you the fulfilment you long for, it is wise you move out of it. Find a job that gives you joy and a relationship that makes you happy and fulfilled.

The best time to move out of a toxic relationship is when you see yourself deserving more than you get. Don’t ignore the signs of unfulfillment. Make freedom and peace of mind a priority, and you will find happiness.

  1. Take advantage of job opportunities 

Getting a new job is another excellent way of adding value to yourself. Survey your locality and region to see which company is hiring. You can also browse through online job search engines.

Job conferences, workshops, forums, and networking events are also excellent ways of meeting various potential employers and learning about business. You can find out the job requirements and apply accordingly. It would help if you practised for job interviews and learned how to prepare a top-notch CV to nail every job application process. 

  1. Exercise to look and feel better

Looking and feeling better is one sure way to add value to yourself. You can find a workout routine that can help you stretch out and burn some calories. You can adopt many exercises to increase your endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid, chemicals found in the brain responsible for making you happy.

Exercising can be part of your self-care routines while keeping you in shape and give you an excellent appeal. Exercises have the power to help you release stress and feel less anxious. While you work out, you get to build your self-confidence. With increased self-confidence, you will be empowered to face your challenges.  

Before the year ends, there are many things you can do to add value to yourself. It would be best if you exercised to look and feel better about yourself.

You can also stay away from people who constantly remind you of your failures and shortfalls. You need to be the most authentic version of yourself. Upgrade yourself and apply for jobs near you. Set defining healthy boundaries for yourself.