3 Ways To Stay Calm Amidst The Chaos

Keep calm and carry on! 

Readers of George Orwell’s Animal Farm may be familiar with that saying or indeed anybody who has seen those words written on a placard in somebody else’s home. 

But how do you carry on when there is chaos all around you? It might be during busy spells at work or when your family is being rowdy at home. Finding ways to stay calm isn’t always easy although there are solutions. 

If you ever need to find calm, perhaps to give you the energy you need to carry on (whatever that might mean for you), here are some suggestions. 

#1: Remove yourself from the noise and meditate

Admittedly, this isn’t always easy, especially when space is at a minimum and there are tasks required of you. But if you can remove yourself from the chaotic situation you are in, then do so. When you can find time in your day to meditate, you will benefit from the quietness around you and have the opportunity to find your inner calm as you re-center your scattered senses. 

There are all kinds of meditation practices you could consider so have a look online or download a meditation app on your phone. If you’re looking for something that won’t take much of your time, here’s a five-minute meditation that might help you to regain your calm during the day. 

#2: Use a mindfulness aid

If you need help concentrating while meditating (which you might do if your nerves are frazzled), use a mindfulness aid to help you. 

Mala beads have long been used in prayer and mediation, as a tactile way to remain focussed while meditating. You can buy and learn more about them here: What are mala beads?

Fragrant candles and other forms of aromatherapy can also be recommended as they can do much to soothe your senses when you’re trying to relax. 

As mentioned above, meditation apps can also be useful, as you can simply pop on a pair of headphones and listen to guided instructions and pieces of calming music, no matter where you are. 

#3: Practice mindful breathing

If you aren’t able to escape somewhere to meditate, and if it would appear rude if you suddenly popped on a pair of headphones to listen to a guided meditation, you can bring yourself to a level of calm by focussing on your breathing. By practicing mindful breathing, you will calm your mind, still your beating heart, and ease any anxieties that may have been affecting you.  

Mindful breathing exercises can be still be done while meditating of course (they are also recommended), but if you need quick relief, they can also be done when you’re sat in your busy office, lying in bed at night, or when you’re sat between your children when they’re squabbling on the sofa!

These are all things you can try the next time you’re surrounded by chaos. By taking time out to focus inwardly instead of outwardly, you will distract yourself from the events that are happening around you and have more time to manage your emotions.

Give our ideas a go and then look elsewhere on our site for other useful ideas related to finding calm and relaxation.