The Benefits of a Social Media Usage Review

I always recommend that clients perform a regular review of social media usage so thought I’d share my personal experiences of doing so too.  Each year I see increasing numbers of online hypnotherapy clients needing help to overcome compulsive internet use or social media addiction. It is also often a significant factor in clients I see with sleep […]

Helping Marathon Runners With Hypnotherapy (Review in Metro)

Each year, I always get a few enquiries from people who want hypnotherapy to help them prepare for the London Marathon. I always share with them the experience of this first-time London Marathon runner who I helped with hypnotherapy to create a supportive mindset, both for her training and the race itself. She wrote a very detailed account of her […]

How To Stop All or Nothing Thinking

‘All or nothing’ thinking is a thought process that often accompanies a range of issues that I help clients with in my clinical hypnotherapy practice, from anxiety to low self-esteem. Similarly, in my online life coach work, this type of ‘unhealthy’ cognitive process can act as a barrier to a client making positive changes in their life or […]

Why It’s Time to Re-Imagine ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’

‘Work hard, play hard’ is advice that nearly everyone has been given or followed at some point in their life.  In my work as a clinical hypnotherapist and coach, I see many people who apply this philosophy, but are nonetheless still stressed and unhappy. As a way of coping with the latter they also often […]

How to Mind Hack ‘Tip of the Tongue’ Memory Moments

It’s annoying when you can’t remember something, when it’s on the ‘tip of your tongue’, but you just can’t seem to recall it. Memory is complex and if you’re struggling to remember something it is often because the information is tucked away in your subconscious mind, below the level of conscious awareness. Activating the memory […]

Repetition and the Illusion of Truth

Repetition is a powerful communication tool. One of the easiest ways to influence the human mind is, in fact, repetition. And, yes, I am using repetition now. If we receive a message often enough, it starts to embed itself at the deeper level and forms as a belief in the subconscious mind. Since our minds […]

The Concept of the Subconscious Mind (& Why I’m Cool with It)

Mention of the term ‘subconscious mind’ can cause an intensely negative response from some hypnotherapists and others working in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. I find this unhelpful because often it does not stop at constructive criticism, but goes further into a dogmatic assertion that their view is correct – that there is no such thing as […]

How to Identify and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Anyone familiar with my work will know I believe that the re-shaping of a person’s identity and beliefs plays a significant part in helping them to make positive changes in their life. In this post I’m going to talk specifically about ‘limiting beliefs’ and how to work out which ones might be stopping you from realising your full potential. Firstly, […]

How to Deal with Liars and Bulls***ters

When teaching communication skills, I’m often asked is how to spot a liar or how to use particular questions to expose when deception is being used. As I explain in my training, spotting a liar is fairly straightforward if you follow the right approach. However, dealing with a bulls***ter can be more difficult. The philosopher Harry […]

How to Communicate More Persuasively

A popular type of skills training many clients ask me for is to help them learn the art of persuasive communication. With a recent 1-2-1 client, even from our first conversations it quickly became apparent that this individual’s focus had previously been more on the things they thought they need to say to be persuasive, i.e. looking for the specific words or ‘language patterns’ they believed would […]