12 Wellness Tips To Beat Winter Blues

You’re not alone in finding it difficult to cope with life during winter. The shorter days and relentless icy weather are enough to leave you feeling a bit ‘blah.’

Some people experience Seasonal affective disorder from autumn through winter. People with SADs feel drained, unmotivated, and sometimes depressed at this time of year. It’s difficult for people with SADs to cope through the winter season.

Other factors that tear people’s moods and well-being down is the higher potential of falling ill. 

Plus, although Christmas brings some festive cheer. For many, it also causes anxiety over gift-giving and finding the means to buy the Christmas they want for their family.

Whichever issues or worries you’re expecting or experiencing ahead of winter, the 12 wellness tips below can help you shrug off the winter blues. Ensuring you feel more prepared to not only survive but thrive this winter. 


Hygge is a Danish word that comprises of a range of cosy, positive feelings. It’s the feeling you get when you’re curled up on a comfy sofa, in your PJs, with a hot drink sitting in front of a roaring fire. This feeling is one of contentment, warmth, and happiness. 

There’s no better occasion for Hygge than during the winter months when the weather outside is unforgiving. 

Take time out to achieve Hygge regularly through the winter, to inspire happy feelings of peace and contentment, and you’ll keep the winter blues at bay.

Switch Up Activities

Your favourite summer activities, such as soccer and taking a swim in the outdoor swimming pool, may not be possible this season. Still, there are plenty of other activities you can do.

Take a moment to research alternative activities to keep your spirits high and your mind stimulated this winter. You could start reading comics, building model aeroplanes, or learning how to knit.

Hobbies such as these allow you to get lost and engaged in something exciting and all-consuming. Keeping the fun alive through winter is essential to keep your well being at its peak. 

Exercise More

It’s easy to put off attending the gym or a run around the neighbourhood when it’s cold outside. But to survive the winter with a healthy mind and body, it’s essential to put in the effort to exercise whenever you can. 

Opposed to a run, you could take a regular long winter walk with a flask of hot tea. Instead of battling the icy roads to get to the gym, you could put on a workout video on Youtube at home. 

Winters’ arrival doesn’t mean you need to give up exercising altogether. You just need to make a few adjustments and swap your summer exercises for ones more fitting for the season.

Sun Exposure 

In the summer, vitamin D is available in abundance. The warm glow on your skin helps your body produce vital vitamins that ensure your bones and brain are strong and healthy. 

However, in winter, it’s trickier to gain the sunlight you need. Shorter days and clothing covering you from the neck down prevents your skin from absorbing any sunlight.

As such, making an effort to go out most days, regardless of whether it appears gloomy, is essential to ensure your body receives as much sunlight as possible. Exposing larger surface areas of your skin, such as your forearms, can help the body to absorb more of the sun’s rays. 

Vitamin D rich foods such as oily fish and egg yolks can help prevent you from experiencing a deficiency also.

Hearty Healthy Food 

Salads, chopped fruit, and vegetable smoothies aren’t as appealing during the winter as they are in the summertime. But that’s okay; there are plenty of other healthy alternatives to keep your body beaming with nutrition throughout the winter. 

Hearty, healthy, hot food such as stew, vegetable soup, and casseroles packed with swede, carrots, peas, and potatoes will never disappoint. Moreover, tasty hot food gives your body a dopamine boost, which can lift your spirits on a cold winter day.

As a new wintertime hobby, you could try your hand at making a few wintery dishes this season. 


As mentioned above, sometimes, no matter how much we try to eat healthily. Or how much we attempt to go outside for sunlight. We fall short of getting the adequate vitamins and minerals we need to thrive throughout the winter. 

A minor deficiency can impact how the body and mind feel and operates, heightening negative thinking, anxiety, and depression.

For a boost, why not think about taking cbd gummies for anxiety, coupled with vitamin and mineral tablets throughout the winter. To ensure you’re healthy, calm, and can cope with whatever obstacles winter throws your way.

Early Nights

Sleep should be a staple for everyone’s wellness routine to maintain a healthy and happy mind and body. 

A great night’s sleep has so many benefits; no one can afford to ignore it, particularly when an added boost is needed during the winter months. As such, think about setting an earlier bedtime through the winter season, and you’ll soon reap the positive effects. 

For instance, you can expect to have more energy during the day, higher concentration levels, and enhanced memory. Additionally, you will be able to cope with stressful scenarios in your stride.

To aid a good night’s sleep, try not to scroll on your mobile when you’re in bed and make the room pitch black to stimulate melatonin (the sleep hormone). In doing so, you’ll fall fast asleep in no time.

Help The Less Fortunate

It’s quick and easy to become absorbed in how we are feeling through the winter. To help you gain some perspective, you may benefit from helping others instead.

Whether cooking a hot dinner for your elderly neighbour or helping out at the local shelter. Taking time to appreciate other people’s difficulties can help you realise how lucky you are. 

Plus, being generous and helpful boosts feel-good endorphins for you. And will add some happiness to the lives of those who need it most.

Live in the Moment

Keeping your chin up this winter is about accepting the weather and all the negative aspects it brings, but also taking time to appreciate the positives too.

Whether watching the birds fly south, walking across fresh snow, or decorating your home in Christmas lights. Instead of wishing the winter season away, look for all the things that are so great about winter, and live in the moment more often!

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold – Aristotle. 

Reduce Caffeine

Hot beverages are so comforting during the winter, especially when the days are gloomy and cold. But try to steer clear of highly caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea because they can stimulate unwanted feelings of anxiety. 

Anxiety makes us feel uncomfortable, restless and can cause negative thinking to spiral. To keep calm and happy this winter, opt for decaffeinated drinks with less or no sugar. Other healthy hot drink alternatives include chamomile tea, which is known for its soothing properties – ideal for those Hygge moments. 

Your Appearance

From your beauty regime to the clothes you wear. It’s essential to take care of the outside of your body as much as the inside. As you know, the wind, cold rain, and snow can affect your hair and skin. Which, in turn, can make you feel less happy and confident about the way you look. 

In the winter, it helps to tweak your skin and hair care regime. For instance, using thicker face cream, which acts as a better barrier between the cold air and your delicate skin. And hot oil treatments for your hair to add moisture and a layer of protection to your locks.

Also, don’t forget to pack away your summer wear and pull out your heavy knitted jumpers, fuzzy socks, and comfy boots. Adapting your wardrobe with suitable clothing is a great way to get prepared for the weather winter brings. And will ensure you are warm, cozy, and dry throughout the season.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

During the winter, finding the energy and motivation to do what’s right for you is challenging. It’s essential to develop positive self-talk to help you get out of bed in the morning and do something positive with your day. 

You’ll begin to realize the more things you do to protect and enhance your mind and body this winter, the more resilient, happier, and stronger you’ll become.

And so, if something new you try feels uncomfortable at first, such as a new activity or a new exercise regime, you should know that you’re making progress. Those feelings of being uncomfortable will soon drift away. Allowing you to have a much more fulfilling winter this year. 

No winter lasts forever – no spring skips its turn.’ – Hal Berland.