Boost overall or in specific areas

Fears & Phobias

Re-train your mind & responses


Shift mindset to overcome low mood


Promote calm in both mind and body

Bad Habits

Remove unwanted behaviours


Reduce bad stress and learn to relax

Hello, I’m Rory MJ

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Trainer

I help people to get ‘unstuck’ and break through the barriers to positive change that are holding them back.

A key part of this is helping to build a supportive mindset, on a conscious and especially subconscious level, to achieve your definition of success.

For my deeper-level work, I use my own unique method of Advanced Hypnosis called Mindset Plus+ and I’m passionate about promoting the benefits of online hypnotherapy and mind coaching.

It is working with the subconscious mind that has most informed my understanding of human behaviour. For you as a client, this provides unique insights and a powerful shortcut to making positive changes in mindset.

With over 15 years’ experience in my field, if you want to explore how I can help you develop the optimum mindset and behaviours to achieve your goals, then contact me.

0203 955 6510

Leave me a message!

1-2-1 Online Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Available anywhere in the world via Skype

Let me help you build the mindset, to produce the positive behaviours, that bring about real results

In The Media

Just some of the places my work and I have been featured

The Hypnotist’s Guide Blog

A fresh perspective from the world of suggestion


Worldwide via Skype


Mon-Thu: 06:00 am – 09:00 pm
Subject to arrangement


0203 955 6510

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